Why Use ECM Retrofit?

New generation of ECM (Electronically Controlled Motor) is designed to apply the Permanent Magnet motor and advanced control technologies to deliver high efficiency, quietness and comfort.

As well known, majority of current domestic houses have a 1 HP, 3/4HP or 1/2 HP PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) induction motor for the HVAC system in US. Those PSC motors operate at a low efficiency about 55% and even below 30% if operating at low-speed mode. Usually, these are noisy too. In addition, the peak speed is limited to about 1050 Rpm and below.

There are some issues to have these PSC motors running at your home:

  1. Low efficiency: It wastes more energy that it should.
  2. Noisy: It produces noises, electromagnetically, mechanically acoustic noises.
  3. Restricted airflow: Due to the PSC motor low peak speed, the house rooms may often have low air flow issues.
  4. Fixed speed: The PSC motor speed is fixed and may go to lower when airflow resistance is bigger.
  5. Because of the increasing awareness of air quality, more heavy-duty filters are installed into the existing HVAC systems, which may cause further airflow restrictions.

The ECM retrofit system could provide an ideal solution to solve the issues without changing your existing system and simply to replace your current PSC motor at minimal cost.

Should You Switch to ECM Retrofit?

Ideally, all the PSC motors should be replaced by the retrofit ECM motors. With a few hundred dollars to retrofit an existing PSC, you could enjoy the energy savings, quietness and comfort that could cost multiple thousand dollars with a brand-new ECM variable speed HVAC system.

Furthermore, many utility companies, like AEP, Consumers Energy, etc., have some incentive cash rebate programs to retrofit the existing PSC blower motor for a HVAC system at houses. Therefore, the expenses to upgrade an ECM retrofit may cost same or less than that of a PSC motor.

Why Select the SereneBreeze Retrofit?

The SereneBreeze ECM consists of an advanced ECM (Electronically Controlled Motor) and a smart controller ’Speed Setter’ device. The patented SereneBreeze ECM motor retrofit provides the best retrofit option to customers and technicians with unique features and smart system controls. Specifically,

  1. Industrial leading energy savings
      • Up to 30% more efficient than PSC motors in heating and cooling
        Up to 60% more efficient in low-speed fan mode
  2. Extremely quiet operation
  3. Blower speed adjustable at any time after installation with the Speed Setter (If needed)
      • Improved airflow to adapt for various air duct systems
        Airflow stable even with a new heavy-duty filter
  4. Energy saving air-circulation mode
      • Optional 24-hour air circulation around your house
        SereneBreeze ECM keeps running at a low-speed energy saving mode when there is no call for heating, cooling, and fan only mode.
  5. Simple installation and standard connection
      • Direct connection to the existing circuit
        Simple push-button setup
        Smart speed range control for each operating mode
  6. Technicians only needs to stock two motors to fit most HVAC systems
  7. Two-year warranty and product UL recognized