SereneBreeze ECM Retrofit

The multiple patented SereneBreeze ECM motor retrofit provides a unique solution to upgrade efficiency, improve quietness and increase conform at a minimal cost.

The SereneBreeze ECM packaging box includes the following parts:


  • ECM motor unit with 2 connection cables:
    1. Power core with jumper connections for optional 115 or 230Vac
    2. Communication cable with connector (male)

  • Speed Setter unit:
    1. Communication cable with connector (female)

  • Accessories:
    1. “Belly Band” adapter kit (optional). For example, a torsion flex mount bracket 5 – 5.5 diameter, 3 leg
    2. SereneBreeze HVAC system ID label
    3. 3M dual lock tape. This is used for mounting the Speed Setter outside of the HVAC cabinet